Dr Ian Saxon, of Brading:

So, the rumours are true.

The Boundaries Commission really has recommended that our lonely little Island has two MPs, Isle of Wight East and Isle of Wight West. 

If I may say so, the Boundaries Commission’s decision borders on the disastrous.

We are an island community and act as such, not like a number of constituencies, like the mainland.

If there are to be two MPs, the decision should be reached democratically by an Island-wide referendum.

Then, if the answer is yes, at least it will be our decision, rather than being foisted on us.

However, think of this. If the recommendation is approved, we could end up with MPs from two political parties at the general election.

That would mean that, at any vote in Westminster relevant to the Island, one could vote for, and one could vote against, cancelling each other out and making our Island voice null and void.

If we had a third MP for Isle of Wight Central, they could not cancel our voice out. As long as the third MP didn’t abstain!

Which brings me back to my original point.

Although we are technically considered part of the mainland, we are an island. We think as one community.

We are the Jewel of the South.

Some things are best left as they are.