Derek Ashmore, Sandown:

Whilst reading the letters to the editor (CP 09-06-23) one of those letters gained my interest - Will tourists find their way here?

Over the past few weeks, we, at the holiday park and residents of Perowne Way, have had the great luxury of having a weekly bus service while the bridge at Lake Hill was repaired.

Now, as the repairs have finished, we are back to relying (and don't get me wrong) on our community bus service, which is superbly driven by polite and exceptional people and the service is a lifeline to us.

However, it only operates three times a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) starting at Morrisons, Lake, at 9.45am, and the last bus back to Lake is 12.28pm from Sandown, which is no time at all. 

When Southern Vectis was approached on our behalf (by Cllr Paul Brading), the CEO was asked if it was possible to continue the service or one bus service when Lake Bridge was up and running.

His reply was that it was a matter of logistics. 

Well surely it could be implemented, as services 2, 3 and 8 were diverted down Perowne Way as the logistic problem (if there was one) was in operation during the work on the bridge.

Also there is no community bus service on public holidays so people without own transport are, to coin a phrase, snookered or rely on taxis.

Perhaps with a little bit of care or kindness the CEO could have a rethink.