Esme Johnston, Totland:

This is a copy of a letter sent to Crown Estates.

Re Compton Bay Isle of Wight dog restrictions, I have contacted the National Trust with this regard and they say it is not their problem as Crown Estates own the beach.

Therefore I am writing to you in the hope that you will put a sign at Compton Bay Beach and all beaches you own to stop dogs on the beach in the summer as you used to do.

I was walking on my favourite beach yesterday and to my horror two very large dogs (pit bull style dogs) came bounding up to me.

They were also bounding up to children playing in the sand.

The owner seemed to have no regard as to what the dogs were doing, just occasionally said their names but not getting up and stopping them.

This is terrifying for a child. I was attacked by a large dog when I was a child and have never got over it.

How long will it be before someone or some child is seriously injured? Not to mention hygiene!

There used to be a permanent sign restricting dogs on the beach in the summer and that worked but unfortunately it was taken down. The dogs on the beach have increased since.

National Trust say on their website that dogs are not allowed on the beach in the summer but unfortunately unless you have a permanent sign restricting dogs in the summer people certainly will not bother to read the website.

I really hope you will listen to what I have to say before a child gets seriously hurt or even killed.