As an Isle of Wight resident, am I alone in being upset at the new intended parking charges?

As it is, the family rarely visit many of the IW towns, as we object to paying to park, before then supporting local businesses.

We do, however, like to leave the car in Yarmouth, and go foot passenger, to meet up with family from the Bournemouth area.

The last time we did that, we dutifully paid £10, as we were away for about seven hours.

The new price appears to be £12.50!

Parking in the New Forest car parks, costs £7 for up to 20 hours. In Bournemouth, you can park at The Winter Gardens/ multi-storey car parks for £8 for up to six hours, or £10 for 24 hours.

One of the long-term car parks, in Southampton, near to both the Quay and the Bargate, costs £7.50 for 24 hours' parking.

Why therefore, after also charging a high council tax, do the IW Council feel it is OK to charge so much for their car parking?

Do they have more problems than anyone else, can't manage their finances, or just plain greed?