I feel compelled to write in response to recent letters complaining about the language in Labour of Love performed recently at the Apollo Theatre.

The Theatres Act of 1968 abolished censorship laws which had been around for over 200 years.

Unlike films, theatres are not obliged to show an age restriction or classification.

So the Apollo took the unusual step of putting a 15+ age rating on Labour of Love and warned in our publicity material and at the booking stage online that the play contained adult language.

So why did Maureen Jones and Mike Waddleton et al come to the play if they were to be so offended? After all, they had been warned. Some folk are just easily offended.

Isle of Wight County Press: Letters in recent editions of the County Press

I would strongly urge patrons to do some basic research when coming to see a play.

We can't just put on "nice" living room dramas that reflect on days gone by.

I wonder if your correspondents are equally offended at murder, rape, adultery and misogyny that is often a theme within plays. 

We should remember that theatre is one way of holding a mirror up to society, and this play certainly does that in many ways.

Remember, Shakespeare’s plays are littered with curses of his day.

In conclusion I would add that the Apollo Theatre will continue to have the courage to put on some cutting edge plays that challenge actors and patrons, and provide opportunities to see plays that are usually only available on the mainland.

So do your homework!