An Isle of Wight man says he has walked every footpath, bridleway and byway on the Island - and now he plans to do it again, in reverse!

Jez Robinson, from Cowes, set the epic challenge himself, to pass the time during the pandemic.

The 55-year-old also saw it as a way of motivating himself after losing his beloved dog, Toby.

He started with a five mile walk in the fields south of Porchfield, and finished nearly two and a half years later, on the footpaths around Newtown Creek.

It took 277 separate walks to cover the 504 miles of Island paths, he said.

In total, he thinks he covered over 870 miles.

Each walk was tracked electronically, logged in a notebook, and then highlighted on an Ordnance Survey map on his wall.

Jez, who runs the Cowes-based community interest company, isleSocieti, said: “I originally thought it would take about 18 months but it took a lot longer, partly as some of the footpaths are quite inaccessible – and I had to make absolutely certain I walked them all.”

“People ask which my favourite walk is on the Island – but I can’t pick just one, there are so many fantastic ones, and each one is so different.”

As for his next challenge, Jez is planning to walk them all again, but in reverse!

“It’s remarkable how different the same path looks by just walking it in the opposite direction. It should keep me busy for a while longer!”