An Isle of Wight primary school is again facing the threat of closure — a week after parents' fears were allayed.

The Isle of Wight Council has been toying with the future of Chillerton and Rookley Primary School (C+R) since January 2021 but renewed its calls for closure this week.

It follows a turbulent couple of weeks for the authority after it announced proposals to consult on the closure of three other Island primary schools and issue the final notice to close C+R and amalgamate it with its sister school in Godshill.

Following backlash and a petition the council's cabinet withdrew its proposals, saving the schools from closure for now.

Speaking at cabinet yesterday (Thursday), Cllr Debbie Andre, the education lead, revealed the intention to bring a paper to the July meeting which would put the statutory process to close C+R back on track.

The Stenbury Federation requested the rural schools were amalgamated in 2021 due to falling pupil numbers and increased costs.

The school has space to teach 91 children but has had its pupil admissions number reduced in recent years to 13 pupils.

Where schools are mainly funded based on the number of children on roll, low and falling pupil numbers have a significant impact on a school's budget, the council said.

Multiple consultations have been held over the future of the school with numerous twists and turns for parents on the future of the school.

Currently, pupils are not being educated on the C+R site as there is no teacher to teach the current nine students

Children have been taught in Godshill since January due to staffing issues, and the council says parents and children are content with this arrangement.

Cllr Andre said: "While it is important we conclude the amalgamation, it does not resolve the chronic issue of surplus places in the primary sector across the Island.

"We will be holding a members briefing followed by a public one, before the end of term, to explain school place planning and allow public comments to be taken into account in any future planning."

Should the latest option go ahead, the schools would amalgamate — through the closure of C+R — from January 1, 2024.