Re the new Ryde Bus Station. Just how much did this waste of space cost?

We had the bus station to end all bus stations as it stood previously.

It had the front and door of each bus, close to other buses, where passengers boarded each bus, so there was very little walking to do between buses for the various bus routes – as each bus ‘nosed-in’ on the platforms.

Now we have the buses in a long line along the esplanade, which has increased walking distance between buses to around 150-200 yards.

Isle of Wight County Press: New look at Ryde Bus Station

In fact to be sure of connections, one now has to ‘run’ to make sure to catch a particular bus.

Before this, it was mere feet between each bus - just a side step.

So we now know ‘why’ the bus station was redesigned to the debacle it is now: It was redesigned for the convenience of the drivers – at the expense of passengers.

The drivers had to back out of the old station, which maybe they didn’t like.

Now drivers only have to drive in a straight line – but passengers have a long walk (run?) between bus services.

Isle of Wight County Press: Limited space for people to sit, meaning they have to 'perch'

Oh, and lastly – why have no seats been made available at all the new individual bus stops?

Each has a baggage bench 30ins above the ground, but no seating for passengers – why?

I have seen a number of passengers trying to sit on the baggage benches – elderly and children alike, but to no avail, finishing just leaning against them.

I saw a small elderly lady try for all she was worth and finished up leaning against the baggage bench with her walking stick held at an angle to steady her – and that for over 20 minutes!

Passengers are being put second. So sad.