With regard to the recent article, couple ordered to quit holiday home (CP 26-05-23).

The construction of the dwelling in question was subject to planning approval.

The dwelling in question, including similar dwellings, as the majority of rural properties on the Isle of Wight, do not require or use pavements, street lighting or facilities in walking distance, then there was no comprehensible reasons to oppose the application.

The dwelling's change of use from holiday home to permanent use is no material change from current use as an approved dwelling.

Rationale: the dwelling definition will remain i.e. the property will remain an approved dwelling, therefore a change of use does not apply. Furthermore no residential time limit was/is historically applied.

A simple sole dwelling change of use will not affect neighbours and the ambient residential environments of Chale, Roud, Godshill or outlying Whitwell dwellings.

It must be of public concern that decisions and public comments appear consistently complicit in undermining the appellants, by airing emotive, one sided, unsubstantial and uncorroborated claims.

How can natural justice support the eviction of well known, respected long term Isle of Wight residents from their dwelling and home.