Two County Press readers have suggested Wightlink Multilink tickets in response to Clair Allan's letter last week.

Malcolm Watson, Ryde:
Clair Allan is mistaken in intimating that Wightlink do not offer discounts for ferry travel for Island residents (CP 26-05-23), but you have to purchase tickets in advance.

If she and her husband were able to buy ten ferry tickets at £330, they could make their return journey to the New Forest for £66 (rather than £292 quoted) and still have four more return journeys to enjoy from Yarmouth, or Fishbourne, in the 12 months after purchase.

They could also offer them to their family for their use too.

Red Funnel is best for day return trips which are available for around £45.

Both companies offer reductions for foot passengers for Senior Citizens (60+) and up to seven passengers per vehicle at no extra cost.

I appreciate that not everyone has £330 to pay up front, but the savings to be made do make it worthwhile if a way can be found to do so.

Roy Hughes, Shanklin: 
Re the letter on ferry prices (CP 26-05-23), Island residents do get a discount on Wightlink, by buying a book of ten tickets (five return journeys). 

The last time we bought them it worked out to £32 per crossing, I expect they have gone up slightly.

Tickets last 12 months. If you have not used them within the time they can be cashed in for 75 per cent of the value. 

Or if you have not quite used them all, just buy some more and the remaining ones are added.