The Isle of Wight Council leader has revealed she sneaked a postcard in the bag of Secretary of State Michael Gove, to remind him to get the local authority the millions of pounds it desperately needs.

Cllr Lora Peacey-Wilcox said she went "lock, stock and smoking barrel" on the government cabinet minister during a two hour conversation.

He was visiting the IW for the Islands Forum event.

Cllr Peacey-Wilcox said the council needs the extra funding to get its "nose above the water".

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"I had to make the most of the time I had with him so that he understood [the challenges]", she told the County Press.

"We cannot survive if we do not have some form of funding.

"I think I probably said it to him 56 times during the two hour conversation.

"Just to make sure he doesn't forget, I've sneaked a little postcard in his bag reminding him the number one thing he has to do was to get me so many millions of money."

The leader stopped short of saying how much money she had requested, but asked whether she was confident he would oblige, she said: "Well, he didn't say no! I'll keep pressing him.

"I think I've got his email address now!"

Cllr Peacey-Wilcox called the forum, which was held over two days, "really productive". But she said she will be keeping a close eye on what comes of it.

She said she is happy that at the next meeting, the priority will be on ferries.

The issue of connectivity was also raised by other islands.

Cllr Peacey-Wilcox said she was told by those representing the Isles of Scilly that "there's one ferry in and one ferry out", and it's "a three day trip for one visit because you have to stay overnight because of the times they run."

She said, in total, she was told a visit there costs around £450.

"We think we're in a bad place with ferries. When you see some of the other islands, my goodness. 

"It was really interesting to hear all these other stories."

Speaking to the media yesterday (Thursday), Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, said the government was prepared to be "appropriately tough" in demanding accountability from ferry services.

The next forum is expected to be held on another UK island, in September or October.