Major work is underway as part of a project to help modernise the Isle of Wight’s iconic Needles Lighthouse.

Transport ships have been off the coast for a few days, with regular helicopter manoeuvres taking place between the headland and the lighthouse.

Visitors at the Needles Old Battery have been treated to spectacular views of the helicopter taking off and landing as it transports heavy equipment from the ships to the lighthouse.

Meanwhile, some Islanders have been seen taking to the seas to watch the work taking place.

Isle of Wight County Press: Helicopter dropping off equipment at The Needles LighthouseHelicopter dropping off equipment at The Needles Lighthouse (Image: Trinity House)

As part of the modernisation project, upgrades will be made to navigation aids and electrical and mechanical systems, while obsolete equipment is being removed.

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The 33m high lighthouse dates back to 1859, with the helipad built in 1987, seven years before it became automated and controlled from Harwich in Essex.