A ROOFER who came to the Isle of Wight to work and was caught drug driving after a police tip-off, was ordered to pay almost £2,000 and handed a 23-month ban.

Ricky Harms, of Moorland Road, Fratton, Portsmouth, admitted drug-driving on Wootton High Street, on the morning of January 26, when he appeared at the Isle of Wight Magistrates' Court.

Liz Miller, prosecuting, said police, acting upon information received, stopped Harms in Wootton High Street after following him from the Wightlink car ferry port in Fishbourne. 

Police initially carried out a breath test, which proved negative, followed by a preliminary roadside drugs test, which came back positive for cannabis.

Following his arrest, further drugs testing was done at Newport Police Station, with a cannabis metabolite reading 3.3 microgrammes. The legal limit is 2.0.

More seriously for Harms, 41, his blood reading for BZE, a cocaine metabolite, was 86ug/l. The legal limit is 50.

Miss Miller said there was no evidence of bad driving on Harms' part.

For Harms, Barry Arnett said his client went to pick up his Peugeot Partner van, which had been left at the ferry port.

Harms, who was on the Island working, drove off and was pulled over in Wootton High Street.

"Although there were two drugs, the level of them isn't particularly high," Mr Arnett said.

"His inevitable disqualification will have dire consequences on him and it will be very difficult for him to keep his business going.

"He has a disabled partner and four children he pays out a lot of maintenance for.

"Due to the stresses he has had, he did smoke cannabis and, for a short time, used cocaine. He has not taken drugs since."

Harms told the bench: "I'm sorry. I've learnt my lesson."

In addition to his driving disqualification, Harms was fined £1,333, with a £533 surcharge and £85 costs.