Tina Snow, Newport: 

I write this letter to express my disbelief in regard to a situation I found myself in this week.

I am totally blind and have been a guide dog user for 37 years.

Visually impaired people are facing increasingly daily challenges with the introduction of electric vehicles, e-scooters, cars on pavements, etc.

As is my usual routine, I was crossing Coppins Bridge at the bottom of Staplers Road.

Once I had pressed the button on the traffic lights nearest Barton Road, I felt something different which wasn’t quite right. 

On all traffic lights, there is a rotating cone which indicates through spinning that the green man is up and it is safe to cross. 

A mindless vandal had snapped the majority of the cone off the traffic lights, just leaving a small remnant which was rotating.

Please do not tamper or interfere with the rotating cones on traffic lights. 

If they are damaged or missing, a totally blind person may be injured or killed, as they will not know when to cross the road.

Parents,  please explain to your children what these rotating cones are for and explain to them not to touch them.

I have contacted Island Roads and am waiting for the lights to be repaired.

UPDATE: Tina said: "I was very impressed with Island Roads and again the traffic lights were repaired within 24 hours. May I thank Island Roads for their excellent customer service and understanding re accessibility issues for visually impaired people."