An Isle of Wight developer has unveiled a major housing plan in Bembridge — which could be the biggest the village has seen in decades.

With a nod to the Bembridge of the past, 'Middleton', proposed by Captiva Homes, could see up to 130 homes built.

If approved, the one to five-bed properties would be constructed on a greenfield on the corner of Mill Road and the High Street, in a 'heritage style'.

A consultation evening was held on Wednesday where residents were able to share their thoughts and concerns with Captiva bosses, James Pink and Iain Delaney.

Isle of Wight County Press: The potential layout for the proposed 'Middleton' development in Bembridge.The potential layout for the proposed 'Middleton' development in Bembridge. (Image: Captiva)

Mr Pink, Captiva director, said they had really enjoyed presenting the project as it was a year's worth of hard work and was receiving mixed feedback.

He said concerns over flooding and highways had been raised but they were very much at the top of their list.

Flooding was a technical issue they can find a solution to, Mr Pink said, so sustainable systems were proposed in the development like attenuation tanks and ponds to store the water.

He said he had been speaking to campaign group, Build a Better Bembridge, and he believes in a lot of the things they champion.

Affordability was also mentioned and it was confirmed 46 houses would be in the affordable bracket and 70 per cent of those rented.

Mr Pink said he was frustrated with the attitude of those who already had a home and thought no more housing was needed and hoped the development would keep the youth and young families from leaving the village.

Isle of Wight County Press: The 'heritage style' houses. Picture by Captiva.The 'heritage style' houses. Picture by Captiva. (Image: Captiva)

Among attendees was Bembridge councillor, Joe Robertson, who said it would be one of the biggest developments the village has seen in decades.

Cllr Robertson welcomed Captiva's public engagement but ultimately said the proposed development is of a size and scale that Bembridge did not need.

Complexities with the village's drainage network, as acknowledged in a council flood report, was one of the reasons why he was against the development.

The plans will now be finalised, taking into consideration feedback from the event, and potentially submitted to the Isle of Wight Council in June.