A national tabloid newspaper claims to have 'unmasked' an Isle of Wight man as 'Britain's biggest graffiti artist' - 10 Foot.

The Daily Mail reports a former Sandown High School student is the writer behind hundreds of spray paintings across London.

It's said the '10 Foot tags' are estimated to have caused £1 million worth of damage across the UK.

A story published by the MailOnline says the 'art' has reached the likes of France, America and Argentina.

10 Foot's identity has been kept under wraps for many years.

But now, the Daily Mail has said it is former Islander, Sam Moore. To support its claims, the article quotes a man who says he is his father.

In 2010, News Shopper reported how Moore was behind £113,000 worth of damage across London’s railways over three years.

He was jailed for 26 months.

In a recent interview with the Financial Times, 10 Foot claimed to have 'tagged' the Isle of Wight, among other 'far flung' Islands.

The graffiti artist said he came up with the name 10 Foot because he is 'really tall'.

According to the MailOnline article, "Moore has not been seen at his parents' home for several years and residents of Isle of Wight are happy for him to stay in London".

One Island hotelier is quoted in the story as saying: 'It would be disastrous if he were to start tagging here. He is not welcome and I don't think people would appreciate what he does, even if some call it art.'