"If I don't get a pound back, and he goes to prison, I'll be happy. I just want a form of justice."

These are the words of widow Sandra Revert, of East Cowes, who was one of many disgruntled customers of Simon Regan of Angel Coatings.

Regan was found guilty of fraudulent trading after a trial at Southampton Crown Court this week.

The Isle of Wight County Press exclusively covered the case.

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Isle of Wight County Press: Weeds growing through the resin driveway and an iron spot.Weeds growing through the resin driveway and an iron spot. (Image: Isle of Wight County Press)

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Sandra had a particularly difficult experience with Regan, because her husband Mich was dying at the time the work was being done.

She explained: "£4,125 it cost, eight years ago. My husband was dying, so I phoned Simon up and said I couldn't afford to have it done.

"Well, he said, in that case you lose your deposit and you have to pay an extra 20 per cent (£800) to cancel the contract. It was wrong, completely wrong."

The work was completed, but within weeks it started to look like a bad job.

Sandra said: "He put down a resin driveway and the colour changed in about two months. It went from a nice bright colour to a dull one.

Isle of Wight County Press: Simon Regan of Angel Coatings.Simon Regan of Angel Coatings. (Image: Newsquest.)

"A river runs across it when it rains. It is just so horrible. Weeds grow through it.

"There's iron spots all over the drive, which he said was oil from a car, but it's at the top of the ramp. I would like to know a car which could get up there. 

"It is patchy all over now, and is just such rubbish for the money.

"He came back and said he was going to redo it, and I have a contract to say he would do it free of charge.

"I was going away for a weekend and when we came back he said it was done. However it was just the same, he never touched it. 

"There was a ten year guarantee, but trying to get it was impossible. You phone up, you get an answer phone. 

"I can't afford to replace it at the moment."