WITH price hikes on the cards for Isle of Wight residents, just how much more will we pay from April for police, fire and council services?

It is the time of year when public bodies set their budgets for the financial year ahead and usually looks to increase how much it asks residents to fork out.

On the Island, all three major authorities have asked for more money.

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Constabulary has agreed to put up their bills by £15 on average and Hampshire and Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Services an average of £5.

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Yesterday (Wednesday), the Isle of Wight Council has agreed a near five per cent increase — meaning an average Band D household will pay £86.46 more a year.

Overall, it means the three authorities are asking for an extra £100 a year (on average) from households as the cost of living crisis continues.

How much more will you pay in total for the three services? Find out here ...

  • Band A - £1,433 - up by £70.91
  • Band B - £1,671.84 - up by £82.81
  • Band C - £1,910.66 - up by £94.62
  • Band D - £2,149.50 - up by £106.46
  • Band E - £2,627.16 - up by £130.11
  • Band F - £3,104.84  - up by £153.79
  • Band G - £3,583.50 - up by £178.43
  • Band H - £4,299 - up by £212.92