I read that the Sandown Town Council has increased its council tax by 49.9% (£72.70) for the coming year of 2023/4.

In total, since 2017/8, when the total tax payment was £103.26, the precept has increased by almost 112% (£115.14).

The tax for year 2018/9 was £179.34, an increase of 73.7% to cover an accounting error in regards to the new build for council offices for which they could not claim the VAT back.

However during 2019 the town council did manage to recuperate the VAT but did not repay the extra back to the residents.

On questioning the council at one of their meetings, they informed the residents that £150,000 of this money was being put aside for the replacement toilets in Pier Street (this was five years ago).

I ask where is all this money going? We have a derelict High Street, an Esplanade that looks like a building site, and Culver Parade with burnt out hotels.

This is not an inviting holiday resort for tourism. We can look at our neighbouring Isle of Wight towns (Ryde, Shanklin, Ventnor to name but three) and see the difference and how inviting these towns are to holidaymakers.

I think it’s time for Sandown council to up its game, regenerate the town and show that it is giving residents value for money.