Citizens Advice Isle of Wight has issued guidance to Islanders over prepayment metres.

It comes after British Gas announced it would stop applying for court warrants to enter customers' homes and install them.

Paul Savill, Chief Officer of the charity, said: “Your gas or electricity supplier might tell you they’re going to move you to prepayment if you owe them money however your supplier can’t make you move to prepayment if it wouldn’t be safe or practical.

"This means you can refuse to move to prepayment if an illness or disability means you’d be harmed if your gas or electricity was cut off.”

You can also refuse to move to prepayment if you wouldn't be able to either:

  • get to your meter.
  • top it up - either because you can't afford it, or you can't get to a shop.

Advice can be found here.

Alternatively, Islanders can call 0808 223 1133.