Highlighting the 'almost impossible' task of getting an NHS dentist appointment on the Isle of Wight is the aim of a new campaign group.

Toothless on the Isle of Wight has been formed, a month after a health watchdog warned the Island's dental crisis is getting 'worse day by day'.

It has led to calls for urgent action amid fears Islanders could be waiting months for a fix.

Chris Mace, a spokesperson for Toothless on the Isle of Wight, said he has struggled to see a dentist since moving to the Island with his wife in 2021.

"We managed to get registered at our local NHS doctors Surgery here in East Cowes straight away, but when it comes to finding an NHS dentist, we've been met by a brick wall", he said.

"Every Dentist we contact wants us to go private."

A Toothless on the Isle of Wight Facebook group has been set up and Chris is encouraging everyone to join and share their experiences.

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The aim of the campaign is to put pressure on the Government to radically reform the industry.

British Dental Association Chair Eddie Crouch said: “Even before COVID struck, NHS dentistry on the Isle of Wight was in crisis.

"The pandemic has left this service on the critical list, and we'll only see progress if the new Government turns the page on a decade of failed contracts and underfunding."

Ringfencing funding, encouraging dentists to stay in the health service, and strengthening prevention are just some of the committments Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has made previously.

Toothless on the Isle of Wight is asking Islanders to email them their stories about how a lack of access to NHS dental services has affected them.

This will form part of the campaign's evidence submission to the inquiry, which has to be in by January 25.

They can be sent to the following address - contact@englandsteeth.org.