LAKE residents could get a new set of public toilets at a discount price but parish councillors will have to skip to the loo pretty quick.

After another local authority pulled out, a block of Danfo pay-to-use toilets are ready to be shipped out from Sweden and installed if the parish council says yes.

The new toilets — if approved — would stand where the New Road toilets currently are.

Lake Parish Council would get a £70,000 discount for a block of two unisex and one disabled toilet — which would cost 20p to use.

The total cost would be just shy of £200,000, chairman Cllr Paul Brading said, with demolition, installation and some landscaping covered in the bill.

Cllr Brading said replacing the toilets was something the parish council had been discussing for the last six years.

He said the new toilets would cut the council's electricity and water costs, as well as generate an income for the authority.

Cllr Adrian Whittaker said the new loos would also help stem the recent spike in anti-social behaviour and vandalism noted at the New Road toilets.

The parish council would borrow the money needed through the Public Works Loan Board.

The parish council was looking to approve the toilets, and the loan, at its meeting last night (Thursday) and consult with residents after the decision had been made.

However, concerns about properly consulting residents before taxpayers' money was spent, raised by Cllr Tig Outlaw, have seen the decision shelved until the December 15 meeting.

Cllr Outlaw agreed the parish council needed to get new toilets but said it must do a proper consultation.

Residents will be able to look at the parish council's website or in the local 'Ripples' magazine which will be sent to every household in the village in the coming weeks for more information and have their say.