One of the biggest issues facing Britain — and British families — is the cost of living crisis.

We’re having a hot summer, so the heating is off, but come autumn, energy demand will shoot up as we heat our homes for winter.

The energy crisis has been largely caused by the Ukraine war and an inflation crisis caused by the recovery from Covid. Both are squeezing household budgets. It is also putting up costs for Island businesses too.

I am focused on is what can be — and is being — done about it.

We’ve already introduced a number of measures to help families and to ease the burden of higher bills. The government is spending over £35 billion to help.

Here’s what is happening.

First, Island households in council tax bands A to D are eligible for a £150 council tax rebate. This is being distributed by the IW Council — with no requirement to pay it back.

Second, the Energy Bills Support Scheme means later this year every household will also get £400 off their electricity bill — with no requirement to pay it back.

There is also a Discretionary Energy Rebate Scheme for some households falling outside of those council tax bands — please check to see if you are eligible.

Households also benefit from a £200 loan through the Energy Bills Support Scheme which will automatically be applied by energy providers to all domestic electricity bills this autumn, to be paid back over a five-year period.

Fourth, around 18,300 Island families will be eligible for a means-tested £650 Cost of Living Payment. Those eligible were receiving an initial payment of £326 directly between July 14 and 31, with a further £324 payment in the autumn.

Fifth, around 17,300 of Islanders will be eligible for a £150 Disability Cost of Living Payment this autumn.

There are other benefits and support packages available, including the Winter Fuel Payments for pensioners and the Household Support Fund to help low-income households with food and energy bills.

The government is also funding free activities and food for children over the summer holidays.

So far, our total support this year for British families stands at a massive £37 billion.

Both Rishi and Liz — whoever becomes leader — have committed to doing more to help this autumn and winter. For more information, please go to:

Have a good August.