A 'BONE-CRUNCHING' wrestling show is coming to Newport this weekend. 

On Saturday, August 6, LDN Wrestling's muscle-flexing superstars will fight it out in a raucous rumble at Medina Theatre.

Blending the glitz and glamour of American sports entertainment with traditional British wrestling, the high-octane event will feature the likes of British wrestling legend, Johnny Kidd.

Johnny is coming out of retirement for the show. 

He wrestled in the '80s on ITV's World of Sport, taking on his hero, Mick McManus, and even tagging with the late great Big Daddy.

"I only wrestle sporadically now, after a 35-year career," said Johnny.

"I come to the Isle of Wight yearly on holiday, and thought it would be perfect to do one last match here."

The show is part of LDN Wrestling's 20th anniversary tour, featuring many new wrestlers, including the high flying Toby Valentine, and ladies man Rob Valentine.

The event will also feature thrilling, hard-hitting bouts from LDN capital champion and Irish hard-man, Steve Savage, as well as many more.

The wrestling show starts at 7pm, and will run for approximately two hours, with the opportunity for a meet and greet with the wrestlers after the show.

Tickets are on sale, and can be booked by calling the Medina Theatre box office on 01983 823 884.

For more information, visit www.LDNwrestling.com