I read Mr Bromwich’s two letters about the proposal for a ‘transit hub’, come ‘emergency isolation unit’ at St Mary's Hospital (CP online 04-07-22) and (CP print edition, 15-07-22) with interest.

The difficulty our NHS is experiencing nationally, with ambulances unable to meet category one life-threatening response times because crews are queued up waiting to offload patients into A&E, due to the log-jam caused by patients waiting to be admitted onto hospital wards, has been well explained.

It’s not rocket science to see how a temporary holding unit, that could come on-stream, as and when needed, would ease such situations.

So why are those earning the big bucks in our Isle of Wight NHS Trust doing nothing, other than putting junior staff in front of the media to take the flak for the latest NHS crisis?

Time for fresh blood at the top of our Isle of Wight NHS?

Competent leaders foresee issues and take action ahead of them to mitigate any problems.

There certainly is no excuse for not address reoccurring problems with credible long-term solutions.

Unfortunately neither is likely to happen with the current deadwood all hiding under their executive desks.

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