RANDOM-ROOMS has confirmed today (Sunday, July 24) that it is researching the possibility of submitting a bid to purchase Thompson House in Gatcombe.

Every year Random-Rooms see thousands of escapees come and experience the puzzle-solving fun.

Originally based in East Cowes and now in Newport, Random-Rooms has been open for over six years, with owners taking an interest in the former Isle of Wight Council education centre, which could potentially be used as a second site.

A spokesperson for Random-Rooms said: “We have some amazing ideas for new experiences that would need a bit more space, although our much-loved existing rooms would continue.”

The Council’s preferred option is to demolish the existing building and sell the land to a developer to turn the site into housing.

Isle of Wight County Press:

Random-Rooms says it has a much more creative idea, keeping the existing building, adding more trees, hedgerows and wildflowers to keep the rural site beautiful and provide privacy for neighbours, shrouding the mysterious building in nature.

The spokesperson continued: “Parts of the existing sprawl of car parking you be removed and re-natured.

“We feel it would be vital to keep the rural feel of the site and not create any additional impact on nearby buildings or environments.

“A second site could also see Random-Rooms providing job opportunities!

“It will be a serious challenge for us to compete with residential developers, but we like a challenge and are prepared to do all we can to make our crazy plans a reality so we can offer you even more exciting escape room experiences.”