This may be another story for Isle of Wight rock and roll heritage enthusiasts.

After watching a Keith Richards documentary recently, it followed his childhood up to the present using old photos, film etc.

However, one particular photo shown in the programme, and as I found out later taken from his current book, showed a young Keith Richards on a trike on a seafront somewhere.

Now without hesitation I quickly realised it was Sandown Bay with Culver in the background with Bembridge Fort noticeable as well.

Isle of Wight County Press: Keith Carroll believes this picture of Keith Richards was taken on the Isle of Wight.Keith Carroll believes this picture of Keith Richards was taken on the Isle of Wight.

The picture would have been taken at Hope Beach car park, formerly the kids' playground on the sewerage outfall.

I posted the image I captured from the TV onto Facebook where many, including my mum (No1 Keith Richards fan and how I got my name) dismissed it outright.

So the issue was, this photo is in the book, and is noted as being Southend.

Now I've been there and it doesn't have cliffs like that.

Further evidence is the SSUDC life ring. This would be Sandown and Shanklin Urban District Council which operated up until 1974, I believe.

Still after much debate and the many fans certain Keith had not frequented the Isle of Wight, I went to find more evidence.

A couple of old photos of Hope Beach, taken around 1960 to 1970, confirm the railings in the picture match those in Mr Richards' photo.

So I think this story has legs and maybe the author of the book, or Mr Richards, could be enlightened to his whereabouts as a child.

My mum would love to know her idol was in the area around the time she was a child and it would be a great story to put to bed.

My photo is from TV, but the image is in the latest book, which my mum has.

I'd say it's about 1949 to 1950 as Mr Richards was born in 1943 and he looks about six or seven.

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