A WARNING has been issued to the owner of the derelict Parkbury Hotel following a blaze attended by multiple fire crews.

Concerns about the security of the site and potential fire hazard had been raised by locals on social media many times since the hotel ceased trading in 2019.

It was then owned by Carlauren Group, which collapsed, and the hotel is now owned by liquidators, but on the market. 

The County Press asked police what, if any, action had been taken following the fire.

While we don't yet know the cause, the police said they issued a Community Protection Notice Warning to the hotel owner on Tuesday.

It means the owner will have to secure the site to prevent antisocial behaviour.

If the warning is not heeded, a Community Protection Notice may be issued.

A Hampshire Constabulary spokesperson said: "We speak with the local authority on a weekly basis about all of our derelict properties and we are currently working in partnership with them to identify locations of concern where action might need to be taken."

The Parkbury was once a leading hotel within Sandown's tourist industry, a thriving concern with wood-panelled rooms finished with panelling from ocean liners.

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Another hotel formerly owned by the Carlauren Group, The Ocean Hotel in Sandown, was also served a CPN warning this year. That was then excalated into a CPN.

Hampshire Constabulary has now issued a summons to court to the hotel owners to face criminal charges after they neglected to make the building secure.