A HUGE effort from two big casts of children yielded fantastic results last weekend.

Theatretrain Isle of Wight performed Disney's The Little Mermaid at Shanklin Theatre on July 9 and 10.

Rebellious mermaid Ariel is fascinated with life on land and can't resist visits to the surface, where she falls for a human prince.

Determined to be with her new love, Ariel makes a dangerous deal with the sea witch Ursula to become human for three days, but the plans go awry.

Julie Caudle, principal of Theatretrain Isle of Wight, said: "A huge well done to everyone for smashing Little Mermaid. You were all amazing and performed brilliantly. These challenging shows could never happen without our amazing team."

See the gallery of pictures above, taken by Embracing Unique with Laura Holme

Theatretrain said they had received the following comments from people who came and watched:

  • "This was definitely one of your best yet. Can’t wait to see the next one."
  • "What an amazing show. It really was the best yet."
  • "So much hard work to put on these shows — just incredible."

There were two casts, depending on what performance you watched.

All the children who performed in The Little Mermaid

Ariel — Ava Cowan and Florence Bellamy; Sebastian — Charlie Cule and Jake Eastman; Flounder – Mary Sheath and Taylor Webber Tippins; Aquata – Cally Parry and Crystal-Rose Griffiths; Andrina — Chantou Spit and Lucy Peckham; Arista — Lyla Hunter and Poppie Faithfull; Atina — Carys Broome and Lilia Spicer; Adella — Tabatha Reader and Lilly Townsend; Allana — Maisie Tickle and Evie Fuller; Pilot/Chef Louis — Freddie Holme and Ann Kulla; Sailors/gulls — Anika Conkleton, Charlotte Flood, Hannah Cook, Hope Evans, Jack Lloyd, Tilly-Mai Snook, Alexa Cronnelly, Bella Valvona, Chloe Meredith, Elizabeth Millington, Emily Llioska, Emily Wood, Georgie Chapman, Isaac Soar, Isla Shaw, Isobella Chapman, Keina Montalbo, Lily James, Naeve Hunter, Natalia Warren, Polly Wray, Sasha Ball, Sienna Pierce, Sophia Sabin, Thea Nestor-Powell, Tiffany Bryant, Violet Shaw, Jayden Jenkins, William Kent, Summer Sabin, Annabella Brown, Courtny Hall, Keira Joy, Livie-mai Wallace, Abi Daish, Alfie Stringer, Courtney Feather, Elizabeth Lortal, Isabella Banham-Gage, Lily Stringer, Millie Seal, Wyatt Lee, Kit Jenkins, Scarlett Smith; Prince Eric — Alfie Luke and Will Watson; Grimsby — Hayden Stanford and Lily Romero; Scuttle — Lily Valvona and Logan Haywood; Sea creatures — Alva Garrett, Anna Meredith, Calvin Kan, Ella Self, Ella-Rose Crossley, Elijah Foster, Devon Paine, Eneah Alabie, Evie Fleming, Finlay James, George Wilson, Isabelle Murray, Kelsie Cook, Lillah Rolle, Lily Saidinayer, Adrian Kan, Mia Cule, Seren Cuoghi, Sophie Nicolle, Alexis McCoy, Amelia-Grace New, Ava Deacon, Chimamanda Ikpo, Chisimdi Ikpo, Elise Lee, Emily Budd, Emily Brett, Freddie Nixon, Imogen Gray, Martha Richards, Ruby Roberts, Sylvie Poulton-Williams; Windward — Sasha Ball and Annabella Brown; King Triton — Fred Valvona (both shows), Flotsam — Selena Angelini and Olivia Hughes; Jetsam — Evie Fackrell and Izzy Stringer; Ursula — Lydia Jones and Sam Sunnucks; Maids — Lyla Hunter, Carys Broome, Chantou Spit, Tabatha Reader, Lilia Spicer, Lilly Townsend, Lucy Peckham, Poppie Faithfull; Chefs — Bella Valvona, Polly Wray, Lily James, Isaac Soar, Sophia Sabin, Emily Budd, Wyatt, Ava Deacon, Freddie Nixon; Princesses — Tilly Mai Snook, Cally Parry, Hope Evans, Maisie Tickle, Anika Conkleton, Hannah Cook, Livie-Mai Wallace, Evie Fuller, Annabella Brown, Kiera Joy, Crystal-Rose Griffiths, Courtny Hall.