I READ your recent letter (CP online, 17-06-22) and other reports on the proposed Isle of Wight rail reopening with interest.

There can be little doubt that the Isle of Wight's people and economy, especially the tourist industry, would benefit if this can be done effectively and efficiently, and importantly if rail fares, timings and frequencies are attractive enough for people to leave their cars at home.

For the greatest benefit the bus service would need to be integrated with rail to provide the most comprehensive network possible.

However, some fundamental infrastructure problems would need to be overcome.

The original routes closed in the 1950s and 60s were less than ideal — Ventnor station overlooked the town at a great height, involving potential passengers in a steep climb from the centre, and the Ryde to Newport line was extremely circuitous, making for lengthy journeys.

The viaduct approaching Newport and the tunnel approaching Ventnor would also be hugely expensive to reinstate.

I suspect these problems mean that the project is unfortunately doomed to failure and that government rejection of the idea was inevitable.

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