COVID cases have risen on the Isle of Wight to such an extent - it is now the second worst area in the UK.

Only Cambridge has a higher rolling rate out of all the lower tier local authority areas in the UK.

The Island's rolling rate, per 100,000 people, is currently 396.4, when the UK rate is 85.9. Of course, this only takes into account Covid positive results that people have registered. Cases may be far higher, if people haven't tested, or recorded their result.

There have been 564 new cases registered in the past seven days.

The Island has had 41,972 Covid cases since the pandemic began. Of those, 2,255 are reinfections.

Isle of Wight County Press: Covid cases on the Isle of Wight during June.Covid cases on the Isle of Wight during June.

Data from the government also shows the number of people in St Mary's Hospital with Covid.

Most recent data, from Tuesday, June 28, shows 11 Covid patients in hospital. However, none were using ventilation beds, and haven't been since May 10.

There is no stipulation that hospital visitors need to wear masks anymore.

Cllr Karl Love, Isle of Wight Council member for public health, warned this week: "Covid is on the rise. Please think about taking action to protect yourself and your families.

"If you feel unwell and suspect it’s Covid please self isolate to help prevent it spreading.

"There is a misconception that Covid is no longer a significant threat to life which is simply untrue.

"More than 100 people die every day from Covid in the UK. Many are still being taken seriously ill and many hospitalised.

"We know there have been great hardships in the early weeks and years of Covid.

"The best protection that can be offered is vaccination. If you're unwell, self isolating protects others. Some people become very unwell.

"This is not a simple cold, it’s a complex virus which affects people in different ways.

"Wash hands, wear face coverings where you feel there are risks. It's down to us all to protect one another."

On the Island, 442 people have died with Covid since the pandemic began.