IT HAS been a few years since I last saw a school production.

It brought back memories of forgotten lines, students in the wrong place and out of tune singing. Not my bag.

It took just the opening few lines to convince me that this production of the School of Rock at Christ the King College was going to be different, oh so different.

The plot involves a stolen identity by Dewey Finn who turns a class of A* students into a rock phenomenon at a private prep school. Mayhem ensues.

Energy from the students exploded across the stage right from the start once the plot had been set.

Their use of American accents was commendable and never wavered throughout. I was engrossed.

The choreography was clever and well executed by the ensemble who maintained high energy right to the exhausting end.

Isle of Wight County Press: Christ the King College's performance of School of Rock.

The comedy came across strong, timing was good and was appreciated by the large audience.

The singing was one of the highlights of the overall performance, with solo contributions from many of the cast. For once the music didn’t drown out the singing and it was a treat to hear the lyrics.

And whilst it seems unfair to single out performers in an ensemble production, mention must be made of Daisy-Mae Croain who played the part of Dewey Finn with such enthusiasm, energy and realism, I don’t know how she managed to move and sing with such enthusiasm for the whole production.

Credit too to Hannah Crawford who sang a moving solo as Principal Rosalie Mullins.

This was a good performance by all involved and had me fully engaged for the whole two hours.

I left on a high gently humming the tunes in my head. I hope to be invited back to see their next production. Congratulations to the students and staff, you were marvellous dahlings!