I wonder if there is anyone at Island Roads or the Isle of Wight Council who could enlighten me as to some of the logic of the speed limits on our roads ?

We are often in Alverstone and Newchurch and live in Ventnor.

Driving to Alverstone:

There is a 30mph speed limit from Apse Heath through to Queenbower which then becomes national speed limit until you reach Alverstone village where it reverts to 30mph.

This road is totally unsuitable for a 60mph limit as it is narrow, bending and with shaded areas.

It is frequented by cyclists, walkers and horse riders and there have been many occasions when we have had near misses with idiot drivers coming far too fast into the bends.

A 30mph speed limit would be logical and a 20mph though the actual village.

Driving to Newchurch:

From Branstone Cross, Winford Road is 30mph all the way through to Newchurch where there are, quite rightly, 20mph limits in place through into the village.

However this road is straight, the driver views fine and generally the road is wide so why 30mph when 40mph would seem a sensible limit to apply ?

Arreton is another example of a 30mph speed limit when there are wide roads, a pavement, and with a good view of potential hazards. A 40mph limit would seem to me to be reasonable.

There are many more examples and I am sure other readers could also point out similar anomalies!

I wonder does anyone review these limits and what the thinking is behind them?

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