AN ALCOHOLIC who plunged a knife into a woman's door at a hostel has been sentenced by Isle of Wight magistrates.

Jason Charles Atherfold, 31, of no fixed address, was resident at Fellowship House, Green Street, Ryde, when he targeted the woman just after midnight on May 24.

He previously admitted using threatening, abusive, and insulting words and behaviour, to cause harassment, alarm and distress.

At a previous court hearing, the court heard Atherfold asked a fellow resident if she had any tobacco as she was about to enter her room.

When she said no, he got annoyed and said he did not believe her, before returning to his room.

But about 30 seconds later, Atherfold knocked on her door and stuck a knife, with a six-inch blade, in it.

In her police statement, the victim explained: "He scared me. I was terrified he was going to stab me. I genuinely believed I was going to be seriously hurt.

"He pulled the knife out of the door and walked off, shouting about the tobacco. He left me terrified in a place in which I reside and in which I have the right to feel safe living there."

At the sentencing hearing, Jim Osborne, representing Atherfold, said his client couldn't remember anything about the incident and he had a significant drink problem.

He said his alcoholism stemmed from his mother dying when he was 13, and a later fall-out with his father left him homeless at 16.

He said Atherfold deeply regretted his actions and felt ashamed.

He was made subject of an 18-month community order, to include a nine-month alcohol treatment course and 25 rehabilitation days.

He must pay £100 compensation to the victim and a £95 court surcharge.