I am completely bemused by Mick Lynch and the RMT Union, doesn’t he realise we’ve moved on from the 1970s, and strike action is simply not the way to obtain inflation-proof pay rises for his members.

Look at City bankers, who are essential when it comes to laundering funny money from around the world, they have had the limits on their salaries and bonuses lifted.

Similarly, all the employees in Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) have just received a nine per cent increase in their salaries.

PwC is, of course, one of the four big UK accountancy firms, who last time I checked had received more multi-million pound fines from the regulator than any other major accountancy firm, no doubt for services rendered.

Mick Lynch would do far better donating £100k to Grant Shapps and the Conservative Party for a game of tennis with Boris Johnson, indeed if he threw in an extra couple of grand he’d probably get a peerage and seat in the Lords.

The RMT really needs to move with the times, and appreciate we have a deeply corrupt government in power where money talks.

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