AN ISLE of Wight road has been compared to the third-best driving road in the world, according to the latest research from car manufacturer Alfa Romeo.

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With the research coming just ahead of the summer holidays, Alfa Romeo consulted with members of its owner’s club to understand what road drivers most want to experience.

The Stelvio Pass in Italy was voted the road most motorists would like to drive.

Alfa Romeo worked with Getty Images to identify key characteristics of each road in the top ten to find the closest equivalent road in the UK.

The research considered factors such as surrounding scenery, the length of the road and each road’s unique features.

Alfa found that the Great Ocean Road in Australia, which came in at number three on the list, was a fitting match with the Island's Military Road.

Australia’s Great Ocean Road snakes its way along the country’s south coast, combining long winding turns with lush green scenery and ocean views.

The Military Road runs along the Island’s southwest coast, right next to the sea, with long stretches of open road and gentle corners to enjoy.

A spokesperson from Alfa Romeo said: “Despite being thousands of miles apart, the tranquil Military Road that runs along the southwest side of the Isle of Wight bears a strong resemblance to Australia’s Great Ocean Road.

“Military Road has developed a reputation as one of the UK’s finest routes for gazing into the horizons and experiencing the sea air of the English Channel.”

See the full list below.

Alfa Romeo’s ‘World’s Best Roads’ in the UK

1. Stelvio Pass, Italy

  • UK equivalent: Applecross Pass, Strathcarron

2. Amalfi Coast Road, Italy

  • UK equivalent: St Mawes, Roseland Peninsula, Cornish Coast

3. Great Ocean Road, Australia

  • UK equivalent: Military Road, Isle of Wight

4. Transfăgărășan Pass, Romania

  • UK equivalent: Black Mountain Pass, Wales

5. Trollstigen, Norway

  • UK equivalent: Trotternish Peninsula, Isle of Skye

6. San Bernardino Pass, Switzerland

  • UK equivalent: Snake Pass, Peak District

7. Julier Pass, Switzerland

  • UK equivalent: Mam Tor, Peak District

8. Route 66, USA

  • UK equivalent: A82 through Rannoch Moor, Glencoe

9. Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

  • UK equivalent: Isle of Mull, Scotland

10. Sylvensteinspeicher, Isar Valley, Germany

  • UK equivalent: North Coast 500