Two burst water mains, at Northwood and Cowes, have led to reports of discoloured water and low pressure on both sides of the River Medina.

One, at Medham, was reported in the early hours of this morning - at around 4am - while a second, near Baring Road in Cowes, was reported at around 6.30am. 

Regarding Northwood, Southern Water said: "We have a team on site repairing the burst.

"Your water supply should return to normal within three hours.

"You may notice some discolouration or low pressure at first; this is completely normal when there’s been a disruption to the supply and is only temporary.

"Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused."

Meanwhile, experts were on their way to the Cowes incident.

Residents as far away as East Cowes's Hawthorn Meadows are among those to notice low pressure and other problems as a result today (Wednesday).