After Isle of Wight charity John's Club had its minibus damaged in Shanklin, the Island did what it does rallied round. 

So much so that not one but two groups came to the club's aid and John's Club ended up with a much-needed extra minibus. 

WightAid founder Geoff Underwood spotted the County Press's story about the affect the damage had on the club, which helps those with learning difficulties and disabilities.

He put it to the WightAid trustees and they agreed to help fund a replacement.

But little did Geoff know that Bumblesuma Friends, another not-for-profit group, was marshalling its troops to help.

They organised repairs to the existing bus, painted it a different colour and re-doing all the signage.

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Paul Martin, of Bumblesuma, said: "Through some brilliant contacts and offers of assistance from Paul and Chris at The Sign Company, Carl at Barneys Tyres, the team at Bodyshop Direct and a great vehicle repair specialist called Darrel Lord, we got the job done."

Geoff Underwood told the Isle of Wight County Press: "I read the article showing the smashed windows etc and then drove past the minibus that was parked up in Gunville. 

"I’ve known John’s Club for years, and the great work they do for adults with learning difficulties, who are the most overlooked part of our society. John does a great job.

Our trustees unanimously agreed we should offer to help them buy a replacement vehicle.

What John's Club thought of the gestures

John Philips, of John's Club, said: “It’s wonderful that we now have these two vehicles to support the voluntary work for our organisation and others we support.

"We always appreciate help and would be very grateful if a local business will sponsor the running costs of one of the buses.

"Thank you Wight Aid and the Bumblesuma friends for your brilliant support and the fantastic difference this has made for our many members.”