A DOG removed from her owner while holidaying on the Isle of Wight is beginning a new life here.

Suzy recently came to the Island with her owner on holiday but police were called to an incident in Newport, which resulted in Suzy being signed over to the charity Friends of the Animals.

Suzy needed some care and attention.

She had a very old bandage over an infected wound and couldn't put one of her front legs to the ground.

An x-ray revealed that one leg had been pinned/plated several months previously — when Suzy would have been about six months old. The pin was removed as it was causing Suzy problems, and the wound was redressed.

The charity is hoping Suzy's leg can be saved.

Suzy is now in a foster home with a garden to play in, and someone is home during the day to keep her company.

A charity spokesperson said: "Life for Suzy has just begun. Not an everyday occurrence, but sadly not that unusual either."

To find out more about Friends of the Animals, go to friendsoftheanimals.co.uk