Shanklin's Gracellie Hotel is on the up, thanks to a visit from tv's The Hotel Inspector, Alex Polizzi.

The hotelier worked with the team at the Hope Road hotel earlier this year, while filming for Channel 5.

In April, a pre-season launch party was held to show off the changes.

This week, the extend of their hard work was finally revealed when the show aired.

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Isle of Wight County Press: April's launch party.April's launch party.

In recent years, the Gracellie's owner, Philip Wagstaff, and his daughter, Kelly Vincent have overcome the impact of Covid-19 on the leisure industry, as well as personal tragedy, to refurb the hotel.

With the help of their hotel manager, Charlotte Corbett, they have big plans.

Philip told the County Press: "We've redecorated the front of the hotel completely. We redecorated the balcony and patio area.

"We've done a lot of repair work in the kitchen. We've upgraded the wifi. We're intending to revamp all the rooms."

By April, they had already completed around 20 and planned to do all of them, which is no mean feat because it is one of the biggest hotels on the Island.

There is also an ambition to offer self catering accommodation. 

Isle of Wight County Press: Filming at April's launch party.Filming at April's launch party.

Isle of Wight County Press: Locals were impressed with the changes made.Locals were impressed with the changes made.

Philip says the experience was eye opening - in a positive way: "Alex was harsh. Not cruel, She said it as it was and I realised she was right.

"She gave us some pointers and we've done every one of those things, to 95 per cent satisfaction. 

"We've done all the floors. She wanted the reception carpet cleaned - we changed it.

"She's an expert. It was positive criticism. I can't emphasise that enough. It was great!"

The family are hoping the hotel will now start to make a profit but, crucially, they want their guests to go away feeling like they enjoyed value for money.

With enviable views toward Culver, loads of free parking space, great food and a sharp new look, those dreams could be realised, as we head towards the start of the school summer holidays.

"We're hoping to get much busier. We want to give good value to our clients and we want people to think, 'That's a family hotel. That's a nice hotel,'" Philip said.