WE ARE writing regarding your Letter of the Week (CP online, 20-06-22), which follows on from previous correspondence in the CP on this subject. 

Other waste bin disposal costs and arrangements have been praised, also offering a 12-month subscription service. However, there is another alternative.

As previous long-term users of the Isle of Wight Council’s services, we feel that we would like to add our own recommended discovery, of the really good service provided by Biffa Waste Services. 

They do not charge an annual subscription, and they only charge a set fee, currently £7.20, when you request a collection to be made. 

With a small garden, we only require their services around three to five times each season, for which we pay as we go along. 

Even if you need a collection around once a month during the summer months, the one-off fee each time is still considerably less than the annual fee charged by others, whether you use their service regularly or not.

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