Ekin-Su has erupted with rage on Love Island, claiming she has been “led on” by her partner Jay after discovering he was interested in getting to know another islander.

The pair had an explosive argument during Thursday’s episode after Jay admitted he wanted to get to know Paige.

Speaking around the fire-pit, Jay told Ekin-Su: “Obviously, you’ve probably sensed that I’ve been a bit off today and yesterday and it’s just because I want to be honest with my feelings.

“I feel like because I moved so fast with you I didn’t get the chance to explore getting to know one Islander in particular here, which is Paige.

“I wanted to tell you first because I respect you and I owe you the respect.”

Jay told Dami and Indiyah that the conversation “couldn’t of gone any better” after Ekin-Su appeared to take the news well – before she had a change of heart.

She said: “First of all, I take everything back that I said here. I was calm, collected and it just hit me now what you have done.

“You knew at the recoupling to stay safe that I would pick you. You could have got to know Paige from day dot.

“Why would you open up to me? Saying all these cute things like ‘my head wouldn’t turn’.

“You full on led me on here. I have been genuine with you, Davide could’ve gone home but I picked you, and now all of a sudden you want to get to know Paige.

“She’s in a secure relationship, do you know how f****** muggy that makes you look. You’re always concerned about how everyone thinks about you.

“Mug, you should write it on your f****** forehead. The biggest player in here is you, you deserve the biggest Oscar.”

Storming off, she said: “He’s led me on, he’s telling me all this bulls***. He wants to know Paige, that’s what it is. No woman deserves this.”

Standing up for Jay, Jacques who is coupled up with Paige, told Ekin-Su: “He coupled up with you and found out who you are in two days mate, a f****** headache.

“That’s what he’s doing it for, why can’t people get to know each other.”

Later in the episode, Paige broke down in tears in the dressing room questioning Jacques’ feelings for her following his reaction to Jay’s revelations.

She said: “He’s like ‘yeah go and have your conversation with Jay’ and whatever, it’s not really what I want.

“I’m just a bit like well are you pushing it that hard because you’re not feeling the same way. You either have all of my effort or none of it.”

The ITV2 episode also saw new bombshell Charlie pick Ekin-Su and Tasha for a romantic date in the Hideaway terrace hot tub, sharing strawberries and a glass of bubbly.

Similarly, new girl Danica got closer to Davide in Thursday’s episode, which saw the pair share their first kiss.

The episode comes following ITV’s announcement that there will be two series of the hit reality dating show in 2023.

Love Island will in the new year with a fresh batch of islanders heading to South Africa to find love and the show will also run in the summer of 2023 as usual, with contestants spending eight weeks in a villa in Majorca.

ITV previously aired a winter series of the show in January 2020, which saw islanders live in a villa in Cape Town, South Africa.

Paige Turley and Finley Tapp won the series, scooping the £50,000 prize money.

Love Island continues on ITV2 and ITV Hub.