A MET Office weather warning for thunderstorms is now in place for the Isle of Wight.

A yellow weather warning for thunderstorms has been put in place for today (Thursday, June 23) between 10am and 11.59pm tomorrow.

According to the Met Office, thunderstorms are likely to break out during the afternoon and early evening, with torrential downpours, and may cause Island travel disruption and flooding.

While most places will probably miss them, where thunderstorms do happen there is a chance that up to 40mm of rain could fall in around an hour and 40 to 60mm could fall in two or three hours.

Isle of Wight County Press: Photo courtesy of Met Office.Photo courtesy of Met Office.

These torrential downpours may be accompanied by frequent lightning, whilst gusty winds and hail may also affect a few places.

The weather warning is in force from the Met Office, but the IW Met Service said: "Data suggests the risk is fairly low, although a few showers with the odd rumble is possible."