Although somewhat supportive I must take issue with Malcolm Mime’s comment piece about WAGE (CP online,12-06-22) for it includes several inaccuracies.

He rightly points out there would be 50 lorry movements a day.

This is a significant number of HGVs and underlines the WAGE point that neither Brocks Copse and Alverstone Road nor Palmers Road are suitable routes to take.

He then suggests there are no neighbours, but later admits that 40 houses are planned right next to the extraction site.

There is no recognition of the close proximity of existing homes on Palmers and Brocks Copse roads.

However, his biggest errors are in dismissing the environmental concerns in terms of pollution and reserve stocks of gravel.

The extraction site is adjacent to Kings Quay which has multiple protection statuses due to its unique character and importance to wildlife.

Waterborne pollution from extraction will run down the hill into Kings Quay.

Digging gravel also releases silicates into the air than can spread up to half a mile.

The prevailing wind will take this straight over a large part of Wootton.

Silicates are carcinogenic, much like asbestos as they get into the lungs.

Finally, yes we need gravel but there are ample other sources available to the Isle of Wight and it states as much in the Isle of Wight Council's Minerals Policy.

We are opposing this not just because it is ‘in our backyard’ but because of its wider impact.

It is in fundamental conflict with the Isle of Wight’s Biosphere Reserve status and is not necessary or sustainable.

The only people to benefit will be those who gain financial advantage from the project.

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