Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely has written about how he will use "every opportunity to bang the drum for the Island" in his monthly County Press column.

He explained his position after he drew criticism from opposition MPs for seeking assurances about his support for Boris Johnson in the recent leadership vote — when it emerged he had sought reassurance prior, from the Prime Minister, that the Island's unique circumstances would be taken into account when it comes to funding.

He said: "Over many decades, governments have failed to take the Island’s unique circumstances into account.

"Because of this historical injustice — and the need to right it — I will use every opportunity to bang the drum for the Island. And if that includes seeking reassurances prior to supporting the Prime Minister in the recent confidence vote, so be it.

"Sadly, rather than having any understanding of how the pursuit of additional local government funding sits alongside gains already secured for the Isle of Wight (extra capital investment for the NHS, higher education and the Island Line, ensuring the future of shipbuilding in East Cowes, etc), Labour MPs were more interested in suggesting that there is something improper about a constituency MP (me) using their position to fight for their community.

"It’s a bizarre accusation and helps explain why Labour has so few MPs.

"Surely, an MP seeking to exert influence for the good of their constituents is something which any elected representative should be doing?"

He said other islands in the UK get a special deal and he wants the same for the IW.

He added: "I make no apologies for speaking with passion and determination, no apologies for fighting tooth and nail for the interests of the Island and no apologies for using what leverage I have."

He said the government accepting the Island is a special case was a "big step forward – the first time it has happened".

He is seeking a long-term settlement as an outcome of the Fair Funding Review, which was delayed because of Covid.