SCHOOL children from Brighstone will appear on the BBC One Show tonight (Wednesday, June 22) for a special TV feature.

Nine children and two staff members from Brighstone CE Primary School will appear on the One Show, presented by Angela Scanlon and Jermaine Jenas, tonight at 7pm.

A special feature will be shown from Dinosaur Isle in Sandown, as a sculpture of the newly discovered dinosaur species Brighstoneus simmondsi is unveiled.

Named after the village it was found – Brightone – and the original finder – local fossil collector Keith Simmonds – the dinosaur was discovered last year by Jeremy Lockwood, more than 40 years after the fossil was recovered from the ground.

Children from the Brighstone school were given the chance to ask questions about the dinosaur at the event.

Both Keith, grandfather of a pupil at the school, and Jeremy attended the unveiling.

Catch the One Show on BBC One from 7pm tonight or on BBC IPlayer shortly after the broadcast ends at 7.30pm.