I read the letter about a chap visiting Bournemouth rather than the Isle of Wight (CP online, 14-06-22).

The issue actually is not now even cash versus card, but contactless versus pin card.

I was on the way home from Sheffield in a cross country train, on the second leg from Birmingham to Southampton.

The tea trolley came, I offered cash, this was refused and I was asked if I had a card.

I did but only my business card with pin. He refused that too. Fortunately he'd already poured and I got a freebie.

On the Red Jet coming home I sat with a mum and young family. The little boy wanted crisps. £1.25 and they wouldn't take cash.

Fortunately the little lad didn't scream the place down

The disadvantaged run by cash. It's the only effective way to budget/tally.

Our cash is legal tender — and the banks make on every transaction they make. We are paying for that privilege.

Not connected, but where is my direct train to the north?

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