I read with interest the person's frustration about reinstating the Isle of Wight Council's garden waste subscription (CP online, 08-06-22).

I had similar experience.

Because I didn't renew within the window of opportunity I should have (March 20 instead of March 1 or something as idiotic as that), I was also informed I'd have to join a waiting list, despite having had my subscription for three years, and still having the bin.

In fact I did attempt to renew online but had problems with website and a weekend with offices not open etc — but that's another saga.

Several emails later I gave up with the unnecessary bureaucracy and switched to Onward Waste.

Turns out the council did me a favour actually in not allowing me to renew, as signing on with Onward Waste has been the best move — the subscription starts from when you sign up.

The council however charge you from April 1, even if you only manage to get to the top of the 'waiting list' for subscription in July, for example, you still have to pay the full 12 months — no 'pro-rata' adjustments.

Onward Waste's subscription lasts for 12 months when you get your bin and it's cheaper.

Win-win and council cuts off its own nose....again.

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