The Isle of Wight Festival kicks off today (Thursday, June 16) and is set to bring a lot of great music to those attending up until Sunday (June 19).

Thousands are set to make their way onto the island for the festivities, with the likes of Lewis Capaldi, Tom Grennan and Kasabian all set to perform.

As is usually the case with the Isle of Wight Festival a theme is in place for those wishing to dress up for the occasion.

Last year's event was all about Peace, Love and Understanding, but 2022's version takes an aquatic turn with Sirens and Sailors.

On the festival website, it says: "Whether that’s mythical creatures from the deep, a big red lobster, a starry-eyed shark or a shanty singing sailor…the choices are endless!"

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A best-dressed competition will take place on Saturday, June 18 for it over at Strawberry Fields at 1.30pm, where the winner will receive an exclusive backstage champagne picnic.

Where to shop?

If you wanted a last minute idea for the theme and wanted to shop on the island itself then The Master of Disguise in Newport could help you out with some costumes.

Specifically, the costume shop in St Thomas' Square has numerous pirates outfits for men and women which would suit the theme beautifully.

Isle of Wight County Press: A pirate outfit could work for the occasion (Canva)A pirate outfit could work for the occasion (Canva)

This comes with all the accessories such as eye patches, bandanas, boots, hooks, cutlasses and much more if you wanted to go all the way.

Sailors and Mermaids

If you wanted to go for the Sailors part of the Sailors and Sirens theme then that could be put together without too much effort.

A crisp white shirt can do a lot for this, but the main draw is finding a sailor cap to really sell the look.

A dress made to look like the scales are usually seen on a mermaid's tail would also do wonders, whilst finding a necklace with mocked-up sea shells would really complete the look.

Other options

If you really wanted to go overboard on the theme this year then getting a massive costume of a lobster or another sea creature could certainly make you stand out from the crowd.

This is of course taking in mind the warm weather that is expected over the weekend, as it could easily end up being a bit overwhelming in a large costume.