RIDING in the slipstream of a successful single release, Isle of Wight band, As We Leave, are poised to release their second EP.

Entitled Stop Making Plans, it will be released through Abbey Records on June 24.

The quartet, known for their dreamy vibes and mellow sounds, are often compared to the likes of Blur, Beach House and The La’s. 

Their debut EP, Everything to a Point, was released back in 2020, and the four-piece soaked in acclaim.

Serving as a glimpse into their second offering, lead single Rarely Been So Long has received praise for its calming feel and juxtaposing lyrics.

"It's a playful, tongue-in-cheek nod to cynicism and comic disillusionment," says the band. 

"We wanted the song to conjure up elements of Bulgakov’s absurdities, but instead of the paranoia of Stalin’s 30s era Moscow, we have the less dangerous panorama of a backwards Victorian island, stuck in limbo."

As with their previous EP, the band set out to write, produce and record all the material themselves.

Stop Making Plans builds on the band’s existing body of work; dreamy songs laced with gentle psychedelia, ideal for warm evenings.